MOTL Programs & Registration


March of the Living Australia is proud to offer 3 Programs – a Year 11 Student program, an Adult program and the latest addition to our range of Programs – a Young Adult program (for 20-35 year olds).


Year 11 Student Program

Year 11 Students (traditionally from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – but we have had participants from Gold Coast, Canberra and Adelaide as well) embark on an educational journey that is absolutely unique. Not only do the students get to learn from the educators, survivors, madrichim and other staff members, they learn from each other. They experience a huge emotional and intellectual growth spurt that lays the foundation for enhanced involvement and awareness on numerous levels, both personal and communal. The program is open to Jewish students from all schools (not only Jewish Day schools) and all religious affiliations.

If you are currently a year 10 student wishing to register for next year's MOTL please make sure to email us at admin@motl.com.au for details.


Adult Program

The 1st Adult delegation from Australia embarked on March of the Living in 2004 and more than 400 Australian Adults have participated in this amazing journey to-date. The Australian participants join up with other Adult participants from Canada, USA and South Africa to form an international Adult delegation. This 'international flavor' creates a unique environment that completely enhances the experience. The Educators/Guides are world-renowned experts and by all accounts the participants 'just can't get enough of them'.

If you are interested in participating in 2020, please send your expression of interest to admin@motl.com.au


Young Adults Program (20-35)

We are looking into the possibility of sending an Australian Young Adult contingent (20-35 year olds) together with a similar group from Canada. However, if this does not materialise the Australian Young Adults will be incorporated into the Australian Adult program for 2019. If you are interested send an expression of interest asap to admin@motl.com.au for more details.


Staff / Madrichim

We are looking for the following staff members for next year's Student MOTL:

  • Survivors
  • Madrichim

If you are interested in applying for a position as a staff member (for one of the positions listed above), please complete and submit the relevant form.

Madrichim please complete this application form

Survivors please contact us

Please Note: All forms must be scanned and emailled to admin@motl.com.au

Victorian residents who wish to apply for an interest free loan to attend March of the Living can contact Jewish Care’s Front Door on (03) 8517 5999 or info@jewishcare.org.au.
Conditions apply. www.jewishcare.org.au/empower