Fees and Payment Information

Student MOTL Costs and Payment Information

The following information is of vital importance.

Cost: USD 6100.00 (based on AUD1.00 = USD0.72). Participants will bear the costs of a fluctuating exchange rate. Calculations of exchange rate will be based on the commercial rate at the time of transfer of payments to MOTL International.

This Includes:
  • Pre-MOTL Shabbaton
  • Group Flights from Australia to Poland, on to Israel and back to Australia. Anyone seeking not to fly with the group for any reason needs to seek pre-approval (prior to making any ‘special flight’ arrangements) from Cedric Geffen, Co-President of MOTL Australia and any additional costs (over and above the allotted group fare)  related to this will be borne by the participant.
  • Journal, MOTL T-shirts, memorial wrist band, lanyard and name wallet, water-resistant jacket, lapel pins, day pack, etc.
  • All Land Costs in both Poland and Israel – accommodation, meals, guiding, security, entrance fees, tips etc.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Allowance for Airport Taxes and Fuel Surcharges
  • Post-MOTL weekend reunion
This Does Not Include:
  • Final Airport Taxes and Fuel Surcharges – this can only be determined at time of issuing tickets. 
  • Optional Extras – such as MOTL Jumper/Hoodie; memorial photo book, kosher snacls, special dietary requirements, etc.
We require that payment of a Deposit of AUD2500.00 accompany your registration to the Student MOTL program. We will not process your child’s application without notification/confirmation that the Deposit has been made. Registrations CLOSE on 16th October 2017. This deposit is only partially refundable under the following conditions:
Conditions of Refund:
  • Cancellation or withdrawal by applicant up to 01 January 2018 will incur a cancellation fee of AUD750.00, therefore the Refund will be of AUD1750.00 only.
  • Cancellation or withdrawal by applicant between 01 January and 2 February 2018 will incur a cancellation fee of AUD1750.00, therefore the Refund will be of AUD750.00 only.
  • Cancellation or withdrawal by applicant from 5 February 2018 (post Shabbaton) onwards will result in a total forfeit of the Deposit paid and no refund will be forthcoming.
  • If for whatever reason, the applicant does not qualify for the financial assistance benefit (as stated under the Financial Assistance section of the Registration process on the website), or is awarded less than 50% of the amount requested in the application for financial assistance, and as a result has to withdraw from the program prior to 01 January 2018, the deposit in full (AUD2500) will be refunded. If the withdrawal (for this reason) occurs after this date, March of the Living reserves the right to maintain AUD250.00 of the deposit as a handling fee and only the balance of AUD2250.00 will be refunded.
  • If for whatever reason, March of the Living does not accept an applicant on the Program, March of the Living reserves the right to maintain AUD250.00 of the deposit as a handling fee and only the balance of AUD2250.00 will be refunded.
  • If for whatever reason the program does not go ahead as planned, March of the Living reserves the right to maintain AUD250.00 of the deposit as a handling fee and only the balance of AUD2250.00 will be refunded.

A detailed invoice (including forex fluctuations) for the outstanding balance will be emailed to you during the week beginning 5th February 2018. In the event that you do not receive such an Invoice by this date it is incumbent on you to contact motl@jhc.org.au and enquire in this regard. If you wish to pay earlier please contact the office to arrange.
Regardless of the above, full payment of the outstanding balance will be due by Friday 9th February 2018. It is your responsibility to ensure that the balance is paid on time and infraction of this duty will result in additional penalty charges being applied and the possibility that your child may not be able to participate in the Program.
Special Terms
Only in extreme cases will we be able to make arrangements to spread payments, however, it is incumbent upon you to initiate a request in this regard (by emailing motl@jhc.org.au ), and March of the Living reserves the right to engage in such an arrangement purely and solely at its own discretion. Failure to agree (in writing) on spreading of payments will require that all payments be concluded / paid in full – by 9th February 2018.
Method of Payment
Electronic Transfer is our preferred method of payment. 
Our details are as follows:
A/C Name: March of the Living
Bank: Westpac
BSB: 033072
A/C #: 315459
When making the Transfer please enter your surname as the reference.
Please make a screen grab of the Transfer Form and email it back to motl@jhc.org,au together with details of the deposit date and your branch so the transfer can be traced.
Please contact Kim Jaffa, Administrator of MOTL Australia – motl@jhc.org.au 0419 361 260 – if you are unable to complete an Electronic Transfer or if you prefer any other method of payment.
Financial Assistance
March of the Living Australia understands the financial burden of this amazing program and engages in the process of fundraising for the explicit purpose of offering limited and partial financial assistance to those students who, without financial assistance, would not be able to afford participating in this Program.

To apply for Financial Assistance, download the FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FORM - here.
Please contact motl@jhc.org.au for further details or clarification.
Please Note: All forms must be scanned and emailed to motl@jhc.org.au

Victorian residents who wish to apply for an interest free loan to attend March of the Living can contact Jewish Care’s Front Door on (03) 8517 5999 or  info@jewishcare.org.au.
Conditions apply. www.jewishcare.org.au/empower

We strongly request that all Victoria based Financial Assistance applicants seriously consider this option prior and in addition to submitting a Financial Assistance request.