Young Adult Program - Registration Steps

Expressions of interest are now open for the Young Adult March of the Living program 2019.  If you are aged between 20 and 35, and are interested in joining YAMOTL 2019, please contact our Co-President Cedric Geffen at cedric@motl.com.au, no later than October 1, 2018.

More information on tthe Young Adult program can be found here.

Getting Started

Before you start please read the following information first

To register for MOTL you must complete the following 5 Steps.

Step 1 - Registration Form

Complete the Registration Form here


Step 2 - Medical History

Complete the Medical History here


Step 3 - Doctor's Report

Get your Doctor to complete the Doctor's Report here


Step 4 - Travel Arrangements

You are responsible for booking your own travel to Poland and return from Israel.

FBI travel are very experienced in booking this trip, please click here to visit their website.


Step 5 - Payment

Please pay your deposit. For payment information click here