Richard Haber

It is hard to see four concentration camps, especially having escaped on the way to one of them. Amazing however is how one can become superficially immune to such bestiality.

I was amazed how some of the kids took it but I was even more amazed how they supported each other. I was so amazed by their supportive, considerate and polite attitude they showed me and to the oldies in general.

I was invited for Friday night dinner and to the school ensemble In Sydney when they returned from Israel My highlight however was the unexpected Barmitzvah I had for the first time at the age of 82 years (just nearly 70 years after everybody else) after which there was dancing on the street and throwing me in the chair. How can anybody forget it!!! The warmth of the feeling I received cannot be expressed in simple words. The messages I got were all well beyond my expectations

This was an unforgettable experience I wish everybody that they would never experience any of these horrors

Richard 2015