Saba Feniger (z"l)

MOTL 2005

Zamosc - a Polish township – 2005

The tragedy’s reality
painfully distilled through
mounds of familiar photograhs
appeared shadowless clear;
a whole community no more. 

Unlike once vibrant images
still present on faded murals
nothing remained of
ten thousand pulsating lives
but a beautiful synagogue.

Consuming flames of invader
miraculously spared the walls
and brightly painted ceiling,
they burned the township’s
congregation instead.


Visions of six unlived decades
of Torah celebrations brought
a sad flow of joyful tears
to eyes disbelieving truth;
youngsters danced in a circle.


Their thumping feet to
intoned ancestral tunes
echoed in empty spaces
of this fifteen sixty six
renaissance synagogue.


They’ve journeyed from afar
to stomp the ground,
to honour the memory
of extinguished lives
whose souls still hovered.


They wore no black kaftans,
white socks, peaked caps,
dark side locks that whirled,
neither white nor dark beards
shook to the tune ’s rhythm.


Some danced vigorously
letting tears flow,
others questioned
their right to dance, I grieved...

©Saba Feniger 10 June 2005. Version V